Asbestos Regulations in Texas are Enforced By a “SELF-FUNDED” Entity Capable of Issuing Fines up to $10,000/Day For Each Violation.

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The Cold, Hard Truth About Asbestos Abatement

The first thing to know about asbestos abatement in commercial buildings is that it is heavily regulated in the state of Texas. Owners and contractors alike can receive hefty fines from the state and become vulnerable to lawsuits if asbestos is not handled properly. For a more in depth look at the regulatory agencies involved check out our links page.

Building owners are required by law to have a licensed asbestos consultant perform an asbestos survey prior to any renovations or demolition to determine if any asbestos containing materials (ACM) will be disturbed. Any building material containing more than 1% asbestos is considered regulated (RACM) and must be properly abated by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor.

What Is An Asbestos Consultant & Why Do I Have To Hire One?

It is required by state law that you have a licensed 3rd-Party conduct the survey and act as oversight during abatement activities. It is important to have a competent consultant on your side throughout the process for many reasons.

They can help identify cost savings, recommend reputable contractors, and provide an extra layer of liability protection. When owners, consultants and abatement contractors work as a team the process is much QUICKER, EASIER and CHEAPER.

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Will Asbestos Abatement Activities Disturb My Employees/Customers?

In many cases it is possible to perform abatement activities during the course of a normal work day without disturbing other tenants, employees, customers or patients. We have experience working in active high rises, businesses, churches, hospitals, condos and emergency rooms with strict rules against being heard or seen.

In the event this is not possible, projects can be performed overnight, on weekends or phased into multiple passes to accommodate your needs.

how fast can asbestos abatement activities begin?

How Fast Can We Start?

State law requires building owners or an authorized agent to submit an Asbestos/Demolition Notification to the Department of State Health Services ten (10) weekdays prior to the scheduled start date. (download form) In other words, work can begin 2 weeks from the day the notice is sent.

There are certain situations that are considered emergencies and may legally be dealt with before sending a notification; granted you send in an emergency notification as soon as reasonably possible.

How Can I Get A Proposal?

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